Erased Japanese Live Action Television Show With Real Quality

The words quality and live action Japanese drama, do not always live together comfortably.  There are many examples of poorly plotted, badly acted live action shows from Japan, but as in everything there are always exceptions.  Erased is one of these, a brilliantly plotted serial killer story with a genre twist.  Check out our video review below.

You can watch Erased on Netflix and coincidentally, soon after this video was made, Netflix also started to show the anime too.

Want more Erased options, then check out the Manga –

You can also grab a deluxe collectors blu ray of the anime –

There is not too much out there in the way of other merch mind, at least not official.  There is some handmade craft type merchandise available.  Check out or for a range of various things to satisfy your newly found Erased fandom.

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